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Ducted Heating Systems

At Triple 8 Cleaning Services we specialise in cleaning Ducted Heating Systems. In this process we clean all Ducts (floor), Fan, Grill and Motor including the return air.

Harmful duct particles and other airborne objects are extremely detrimental to human health as the minute airborne particles lodge in the human lung. For allergy sufferers, this can produce long term ill health.

There have also been many reported incidents of house fires being started and/or further fueled in unclean and unserviced ducted heating systems. Cleaning your ducted heating system will guard against such an occurrence.

Ducted heating systems that are clogged up with dirt and other more dense debris are far less efficient than those which are free of encumbrances.

We also sanitise your system with a Teatree Oil solution which is completely non toxic and leaves a pleasant aroma. This helps to kill all bacteria, dust mites and bad odours and reduces allergies.