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Your carpets are an important asset in your home so it is imperative that you maintain them well to maximise your investment. At TRIPLE 8 we only use CITRUS-BASED AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY products.

TRIPLE 8 can offer you 3 choices of cleaning:

DRY CLEANING:Is for carpets that are generally lightly soiled.The process involves application of a high quality solution, followed by an agitaiton brush to work the solution into the pile of the carpet, this is followed by a dry cleaning pad. This method can take 2-3 hours to dry.

STEAM CLEANING: Is what we refer to as a restoration clean. This method injects pressured hot water deep into the pile of the carpet and is then extracted out. This method can take between 6-7 hours to dry.

DOUBLE-DEEP CLEAN: Is the ultimate restoration clean, for carpets that are heavily soiled. We use a heavy duty rotary scrubber to work cleaning solution deep into the pile of the carpet, then proceed to steam clean thoroughly for the best possible outcome. This method can take 7-8 hours to dry.

 ALL  methods can be walked on straight away with clean socks or shoes.

Regular vacuuming is recommended to maintain your carpets however having your carpets professionally steam cleaned will extend the life of your carpet and reduce the wear and tear.

All of our technicians must undertake thorough training before commencing in which they learn about the various types of carpets available. Our technicians are skilled in customer service, stain removal and have all had police checks performed.


Triple 8 Cleaning Services specialises in cleaning all types of rugs, including
- Oriental rugs
- Persian rugs
- Chinese rugs

We can clean your rugs at your own premises or we can pick them up and clean them off-site and return your rugs back to you.